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Garage Door Maintenance Service By Non Stop Garage Door Repair Alvin TX

Doing your own garage door maintenance

Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. You use it multiple times a day. Garage Doors Alvin wants you to learn how to keep your garage door functioning efficiently for years, that is why we recommend that you have your garage door maintenance done regularly. You should look and listen and  learn to observe the movements of your garage door. Check if it is moving smoothly or noisily. See if the springs, cables, and pulleys are properly aligned or not. The next move is to tighten up the screw, a good conditioned garage door moves smoothly up and down.  To make it possible over the years, you must check and tighten the roller bolts and brackets using a socket wrench. After this, check the garage door balance. If your garage door is not properly aligned, your door will not open properly, creating damage on your machine. What you need to do is disconnect the opener by stretching the cord and manually, moving the door upward. If the door does not stay in that position, the springs are improperly balanced. If you are having a hard time doing so, let our company do it for you.

Next thing to inspect is the rollers; see if it needs some replacements. Such inspection needs to be done twice a year and the parts should be replaced of every seven years. Lastly, check all the cables of your garage door.

Garage Door Maintenance – How to clean your garage door

It is advisable to clean the outside of your garage door once a year. All you need to do is wash it with a sponge and clean the surface. Then rinse thoroughly with water.  If your garage door is made of wood, wipe it with dry cloth, and repaint it. Check the status of your door.  Now, you are ready to clean its internal part. Use a broom to brush off the dusts. Next, inspect all torsion springs if they needs some replacements. Usually it is good to check this every three months. Make a checklist of what you will look at: hinges conditions, rollers, cables and tracks. See to it that all bolts are tightened.

To finish your own Garage door maintenance service, don’t forget to lubricate your garage door hinges. Use a non-silicon based formula as it is a door supplier recommendations. For alternatives, you can also use motor oil. Here is your guide on what to lubricate in your tools: for nylon rollers, lubricate the garage door bearings; for metal rollers use motor oil or non-silicon based formula.

These handy tips are good for casual checkups of your garage doors. But, if you are unsure, our company is willing to assist you and do all the maintenance checks for your garage door. You won’t need to stress yourself.  Give us a call and we will manage this stuff for you.

Selecting your Garage Door Maintenance Service Provider

By choosing Non Stop Garage Door Repair, you’re picking a reliable and safety-conscious garage door maintenance service provider. Our company is located in Alvin, TX. We have been performing garage door maintenance service for years. Our company is composed of the aces in the garage door repair industry. These people are experienced and dedicated to the workmanship they provide the customers.

We know the standards of the garage door industry. These professionals of have committed themselves to professionalism and the safety of each client. They know all the basics, up to the most critical garage doors problem. We cater to both old and new garage door, whether it is for installation, maintenance, or repair.  We innovatively cope with the fast changing technology to give the best solution to your garage door. We choose to operate our business by the standard procedure of the industry, which signifies our commitment to quality, superiority, and client service. Non Stop Garage Door Repair is a  locally owned business by a person who is dedicated ton serving and supporting the town of Alvin, TX.

With Non Stop Garage Door Repair, you will feel confident that you are getting the best service for your home and your business. All of our specialists are background checked, licensed, and dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. The quality is standard for all Non Stop Garage Door Repair services. We give the best warranties available in the town of Alvin, TX, the best model advisors, the best workers, and the best supplies and product. To tell you the truth, we also believe we have the best clients. Go ahead and be our partner!

Garage Door Maintenance Service – Rely on Us

We at Non Stop Garage Door Repair are garage door experts. We have more than years of experience in garage door installation, garage door maintenance, and garage door repair. We have worked on different types of garage door security systems, and we have established our name in the industry.

If you need a garage door service provider, you can be confident that our qualified professionals will be able to promptly assess and recommend the best solution for the problem. Also, in order to ensure the ideal operation of your residential or commercial door, we have industrialized and applied ayearly preventive maintenance package. This package will save you from unwanted issues and promise that our garage doors will give you peace of mind while saving your time and money. Our garage door service is a good opportunity that you must take.

You can call us right away! Our professionals will immediately answer your queries, or schedule a meeting for your garage door installation, maintenance, or repair. There is no problem that  is too difficult for us. All you have to do is give us the details of your garage door request, and we will gladly work on it. We assure you that everything will be good after our work.

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