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Garage Door Installation Service By Non Stop Garage Door Repair Alvin TX

Garage Door Installation Cost and Value

If you’re wondering why you need garage door installations, then the best answer we can give you is security. Well-maintained garage doors are well-secured garage doors. Don’t put your family at risk of being property crime victims because of an outdated garage door. Forget about the garage door installation cost and focus on the garage door installation value instead. We always provide the best results with all the installation services we provide. Our garage door installation services are efficient because of our professional workers and the resources we utilize. The parts we distribute for installation and replacement services are manufactured by the best factories in all of Texas.

Commissioning our services is absolutely a win-win situation. We are able to provide our services, knowing that we have improved your home security. You can minimize your expenses by resolving your garage door problems immediately. Our phones lines are open 24/7 for your requests. We promise a quick response after a few minutes of your call. Our email address is also monitored daily for online requests. Keep an eye on our sweet discounts and promos by following our Facebook page. We look forward to your call, and we promise a high-standard service that leads to the best results. Non Stop Garage Door repair will continue to provide excellent and affordable services to people, not only here in Alvin but in nearby cities as well.

Important Factors in Garage Door Installation

There are three types of garage doors, according to opener system and panel type. For the opener types, we have the chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive. Belt drive openers reduce noise and vibration. Belt drive demands more money up front. The great feature about belt drives is that they are able to carry heavy weights in supporting the garage door springs. The chain drive, on the other hand, is the cheapest out of the three openers, but they tend to be noisier compared to the belt and screw drives. Chain drives are either operated using human force or motors. Finally, we have the Screw drive. This type of opener can support minimal weight unlike the chain and belt drive. However, the plastic covered metal tracks provide longer life for the rollers, which make them perfect for single panel garage doors.

Now, going to the different types of garage doors according to panels. We have the following types: single panel garage door, sectional garage door, and over the head garage door. Single panels are commonly installed with residential properties, given the small size and dimension of a home garage. Sectional garage doors are the combination of two single panel garage doors, resulting in one. This type of garage door is common for commercial properties. Finally, we have the over the head garage doors. These are the garage doors you see in buildings, factories, or usually in shipping companies.

Screw drives are perfect for single panel garage doors because of the lighter weight. Belt drives are suitable for sectional garage doors because they reduce vibrations, which cause friction every time you open and close your garage door. There are also fewer moving parts with sectional garage doors. Chain drives also work well with sectional. Over the head garage doors require chain drives because of the heavy weight required to be lifted.

Garage Door Installation Cost

The most expensive service is of course, installations. These require the purchase of new garage door parts and the additional service fee, although here in Non Stop, our services are always affordable and reasonable. We assure a well-maintained garage door and easy expenditures when you commission our services. Don’t focus on garage door installation cost but on the results.  Keep in mind that having new installations for your garage door is like starting over. After our installation services, we conduct a post-service inspection to make sure that everything is done and fitted right. This is to make sure that the money you paid us is worth it.

When it comes to the payment process, we accept cash and checks, but no credit cards. Customers are required to provide a 25% deposit and the entire amount can be settled thru either a one-time payment or on a monthly basis. We also provide a budget breakdown for our customers to inform them where their money went. It is truly money well spent with Non Stop, all the time. Our refund policy is also beneficial for our customers. We promise to cover payments for damages and miscalculations of the service on our part.

Garage Door Installation

Anyone out there in need of garage door services? Garage door service providing isn’t that big of a business, but almost every household in the world is in need of garage door services. This is because most people are passive when it comes to addressing the technical issues of their garage doors. Most garage doors are either outdated or heavily damaged. There are some cases where extensive repairs can do the job. But most of the time, people are in need of garage door installation services. If you’re looking for the best garage door service provider and spending hours surfing the internet, then don’t bother; Garage Door Repair Alvin is here. We have been active providing the best garage door services to the people of Alvin for more than ten years now. So look no further and give us a call.

It is no mystery that our business hours cover 24/7 service, as we attend to all garage door service requests. We can accommodate at least 15 to 20 customers at the same time. Most people conduct the repair jobs themselves, which is a big mistake, considering that this is a safety issue. Most of the garage door parts are high-tension and can cause serious injuries when they snap or break. Repairs won’t do that job all the time; installations are required at least yearly. A well-maintained garage door can last for one to two years. Imagine the amount of money you can save if you take good care of your garage door.

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