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Commercial Garage Door Service By Non Stop Garage Door Repair Alvin TX

Commercial Garage Doors: Critical to your Business

Whatever business you are engaged in, you rely on certain tools, devices, and equipment in order to keep running. When these malfunction, it is as if you are left in a kayak without a paddle. This is why it is absolutely important to reduce mechanical breakdown to keep your business running. When you think about how items and people enter and exit the premises of your business, the primary piece of machinery you think of would probably be your vehicles. However, your commercial garage doors are just as important. Imagine having an important deliver only to find that the garage door refuses to open, trapping your truck inside. This simply will not do, which is why we at Garage Door Repair Alvin TX make it our duty to serve the garage door needs of the businesses in Alvin, TX, making sure that businesses like yours never have to lose too much time due to a mechanical failure that we can easily solve.

Different Varieties

There are many different kinds of garage doors, but there are three most common ones. These are traditional garage doors, sectional garage doors, and roller garage doors. Traditional garage doors used to be quite common, as they were one of the first automatic garage doors around. The garage door would be a single slab that opened all at once, requiring forward clearance. This meant that if there was irreparable damage on the slab, then you would have to replace the entire thing. This was also not very practical for large commercial garage door sizes. More modern businesses tend to use sectional garage doors, which break up the single slab into panels that make it appear as if the garage door folds when it opens and closes. This allows individual panels to be replaced and removes the need for forward clearance. Another popular variant is the roller garage door, wherein the typically metal door is rolled up like a scroll when it is closed. No matter what the door, we have worked with all of them.

No Mere Residential Door

You may be likening your commercial door to a residential garage door that you probably have in your home. While they do work in almost the same way, they differ in many key aspects. When speaking of the lifespan of a garage door and its parts, they are measured in cycles, wherein a cycle is defined as an instance of the garage door opening and closing. A typical residential garage door undergoes an average of four cycles a day, while it would not be uncommon for a commercial door to undergo 20 cycles in a single day. This means that a commercial door would need to be a lot sturdier and require much more maintenance. Commercial garage door sizes are also usually greater than their residential counterparts. Obviously, this is because businesses typically have trucks and vans that carry more than just people, while homes would usually have sedans and SUVs meant for the family. This is why your commercial door would need a lot more attention than your garage door at home.

Services for Commercial Garage Doors

There are quite a few services that commercial garage doors would require in their lifetime. For starters, they need to be installed properly. Then, they need to be regularly maintained. When something goes wrong, they need to be repaired. Over time, individual parts, or maybe even the whole thing, will need to be replaced. We at Non Stop Garage Door Repair are proud to say that we have extensive experience providing all these services. We have been servicing the Alvin, TX area for years, and we have established a reputation built on customer satisfaction. We practice competitive pricing, so you need not worry about overspending, as you will not find the same quality service at a lower cost. We only hire the best in the business to work on your garage doors, and they have the finest tools at their disposal. To top it all off, we are unbelievably convenient, as we do not close, operating 24/7 all year long. We are open to serve you any time you need us.

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